Sunday, October 01, 2006

Native Land

Not very original of me to post lyrics, but still :)

The waves of the lake splash
and pines hum.
The frost of the north hurts,
Finnish grief it sings.
Woods bleak and stony, unlit,
there my mind rests.
There I will forget the pain,
stars and moon us bless.
O my native land, stand proud, facing the future.
You were never broken down, banished into the night
O my native land, stand proud, facing the future
you will never be broken down.
Not weather can frighten us
not to shrivel us winters
not the cruelty ofthe woods
take our blood and life.
Frothy rapids roar
and the hills high.
Woods of pine and forests of birch
over the wide rocks.

Native Land, from Voice of Wilderness of Korpiklaani


Anonymous hazel said...

Patriotic drinking viking metal! For teh win!
No, seriously, such a charming song:)
Grats for the lyrics breakthrough.

PS Unfortunately, you cannot post a comment on a non-beta blog or claim a mobile blog using your Google Account. These features are coming soon.

12:56 am  

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