Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What is THAT important?

It is not THAT important that first year school kids have a map of their route from school to home. It should not be mandatory. There are much more important things.

It is not THAT important that someone stole an album or had a joint or two with themselves.Not a big deal. They should not be pursuited. There are so much bigger criminals walking free.

It is not THAT important I crossed the street on red light. There are the drunkdrivers after all and all those people speeding in their fancy cars! Big deal – I was so in a hurry. There are so much more dangerous people on the road.

It is not THAT important I had a beer or two before sitting in my car. After all, roads are in terrible condition – it is much more important that They fix the roads instead of harassing me for my well deserved drink after I have worked like a dog all day to pay Them taxes.

It is not THAT important I did not buy a ticket for the bus. The government steals so much more, why should I bother not to?

It is not THAT important I threw that wrapper on the street. Streets are so dirty anyway.

It is not THAT important. It is much more important, for sure, to change the course of history, to stand up against the wall them who are the archreason for the poverty, the dirty streets, the high crime rate and the low morals – and to bring the brave new world. Until it comes – well, I'll do with my own old ways for a little comfort, is it such a big deal? It is me who is not THAT important after all, there are so many more doing the same innocent stuff. Or maybe the new world will never come, with which I, for sure, would have nothing to do. But, really, is it THAT important?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

One day we were in a traffic jam and witnessed the driver of a car before us who dropped his cigarettes wrapping on the street.

My companion commented by sharing an idea he'd been having for some time now: he wanted to make a list of actions - actions that, if you do them, you are not entitled to the right to complain from anything that happens in our country, anything you find "wrong". If you're on the list of wrongdoers, you can't blame anybody else for being on it.

He also shared the somewhat heretic idea that not only are we not living in a bad country (state)... we are actually living in a much better country than we, as a people, deserve!

Sometimes it seems to me, too, that our politicians, who are frequently spat upon and ascribed every sin you can imagine, have actually pushed us forward, improved our situation, and they've done that not with our help, but despite all the damage we do.

- W.

12:13 pm  
Blogger ikew said...

W, this is applyable to humans in general :)

We are just too damn lucky ^_^

I bet you five bucks that some higly improbable ex mahinal disaster will counter the global warming in the next fifty years and stuff.

1:02 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Careful, now ;) I'm talking about politicians who are responsible for our non-perceived well-being.

If you apply it to humans in general, who is responsible for our abundance of luck, then, hmmm? ;))

- W.

8:08 pm  

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