Thursday, March 30, 2006


I had a hot debate about two years ago about whether people should be allowed to possess guns. A worth mentioning argument of the person I was debating with was that criminals ignore the law anyway and have guns, so why the decent people should not be allowed to have means to defend themselves? Also, she said, people must be taught to bear this responsibility.

Today my opinion has not changed.
Some reasons why guns should not be sold freely and why the number of guns among the population should not be allowed to increase that drastically, which we would certainly witness:

- A tremendous number of accidents will happen.
- Domestic violence.
- Violence at school.
- Culture of drinking and "i've got the power" feeling after that too widespread here.
- Culture of "i've got the power" feeling even without drinking.
- New year's eve - see also fist bullet.
- Citizens should not be encouraged to believe they are the law.
- Any number of victims is not an acceptable price for learning this kind of responsibility (which I doubt would happen anyway).
- Responsibility should be taught step by step. While there are pedestrians crossing at red light and drink drivers I will not reconsider.
- The photograph above (see also bullets 4 and 5)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hah. This time, for a change :)


10:47 am  
Anonymous Mordred said...

"While there are pedestrians crossing at red light and drink drivers I will not reconsider."


7:32 pm  
Blogger ikew said...

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12:01 am  
Blogger ikew said...

Огнестрелните оръжия дават прекалено много сила без оглед на получателя, да. Но притежанието на НЯКАКВО оръжие (купчина ножове за мятане, лък и стрели, не-декоративен меч) е много полезно за развитието на правилно отношение към power-a и последиците от неговата преупотреба. :)
Personal weapons yes, personal guns heck no.

12:19 am  
Blogger Hazel Baggins said...

I absolutely fail to see the distinction between guns and *weapons*, except that the latter is more romantic and may have requirements, in some contexts;)

But then again, for FPS players bazookas may be romantic, too? Ok, I'm bullshitting. There should be requirements for possessing a gun, as I believe there are. My brother still has our grandfather's hunting rifle. It's a famiily keepsake. Phear my range:P

8:19 pm  

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